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He remembered words he’d exchanged with Launch - when she’d been having one of her blonde moments, naturally. She’d just come out with it.

 “It’s not a part exchange. Beating his boy to death won’t bring the man back. You ain’t never getting him back. You need to get your shit together and sort it out.”

 At the time, he couldn’t recall a time when he’d ever been so angry. Back at the Orin Temple, he guessed. When they’d called him a whore’s son. After he’d met Goku, he’d always thought he’d never feel that kind of rage again. But he had, just for a second. And for that second, it had occurred to him how easily he could just snuff her out.

 She was only human, and he hadn’t had that limitation for a while now. He could have broken every bone in her body. It wouldn’t have taken even a moment’s effort. He could have blasted her so hot there wouldn’t even have been ashes left.

 And then he’d crawled away into his room to snivel for awhile, trying to claw back the Krillin that he wasn’t utterly ashamed of. He could have pictured how they all would have looked at him if they’d known what he was thinking at that moment.

 In the end, he supposed she had a right. He hadn’t been the only one to lose someone. Launch had lost Tien - even her blue-haired side felt the sadness that she masked with her anger. Bulma had lost Yamcha. Her insistence that he pull it together was probably the same orders she gave herself every morning. She wasn’t going to be seeing Tien again either.

 He could feel his teeth clenching behind his lips. He used that command to ground himself.

 “Get your shit together.”

getting back in the habit of drawin AU krillin again

— Anonymous: has anything embarrassing happened to you when you were charging up?



so guess who found their note files and working comic pages.

saiyan-kato: Big Bang Attack? Really? That has to be the stupidest attack name ever thought of...



"—And you are?"



so I was inspired by this Goku and Vegeta picture a while back, and I decided I wanted to do my own version except with my fave dad’s fist bumping instead. yea.

Hatake Sakumo and James McCloud

both of their son’s are hella rad, both dad’s are hella legendary, and both dad’s got themselves killed hella young and left their son’s hella orphaned.

don’t ask about the colors idek what I was trying to accomplish.

AU: Obi!kashi vs Gai?

yes and yes

— Anonymous: i know you must be getting tired of the star fox requests, but can you draw james bloody and stuff?


"…Take care of my son."

y’all need jesus

— Anonymous: james mccloud in 12?

i’m so rubbish with anthros i’m so sorry