laine-chan: Sasuke #3

lil birthday boy shit

— Anonymous: Would you ever take an art request for an original character?

i don’t see why not ;D

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quick five minute doodle. i am blocking so bad someone help me

oh wow i’m already almost at three hundred followers

thank you guys so much! I’ll try and update with more of my trash doodles!

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Hey guys. I hit 3k followers like 300 followers ago, so this is pretty late coming. Better late than never, right? Haha.

I wanted to do something a little different with this follow forever, and you know me, I try to outdo myself every time I post one, so I thought “hey I should draw my favourite naruto men shirtless.” I feel like I could have done a better job, but at this point I’m like ugh fuck it, its just a follow forever. 

I’m really bad at thank you’s, so I’m just gonna say you guys are great. I hope you’re enjoying my blog and all the shit that comes with it. Thanks for sticking around I guess. I hope y’all’s dreams are filled with sexy anime baes and dude just ignore me now I have no idea what I’m saying please go ahead and look for your URL in the list.

{{All URLs that are italicized are my tumblr senpais that i think are pretty cool and I look up to whether its in art or just in general. Any bolded URLs are my closest tumblr friends whom have really made my tumblr experience one hell of a ride.}}


akatsukihoe ~ anothertroublesome ~ arigato-sasusaku ~ chidorito ~ chidouri ~ cloudnin ~ eternal-rinnegay ~ feelingsstahpkakashi ~ floralnin


gaaras-sand-castle ~ hashimada ~ hashirama-kun ~ hasshirama ~ i-z-u-n-a ~ idratherbeinkonoha ~ indraotsutsuki ~ iryos ~ itachis-penis ~ itechi ~ itsumis ~ kaakashi ~ kakahsi ~ kakashis-kamui ~ kingtobirama


madara-dancing-queen ~ madarar ~ mangetsus ~ narutomakis ~ neji-san ~ nyaatorrents ~ obbito ~ obi-no ~ obito ~ obito-sama ~ obitwerk ~ piinku ~ pikacheeka ~ raikis ~ rinnegay


s-u-s-a-n-o-o ~ sanjl ~ sasucks ~ senjju ~ slimshadysasuke ~ spade-d-ace ~ swag-kura ~ swagbito ~ teammadara ~ tearn7 ~ that-jutsu ~ the-hidden-will ~ the-uchiha-avenger ~ theleafslegend ~ thenextkage ~ tobbito ~ tsuukuyo ~ txnzo ~ uchihamurderersdiary ~ uuchiha ~ uzumakiprophecy ~ whyitachi ~ yugiito


I wanted to put all the artists I follow on a list of their own because damn do they deserve it and this is the list you should definitely check out.

1ta0r0ch1 ~ blishhed ~ cockismybusinessdimisfit ~ hani-blahhumancarcass ~ itachis-homie ~ k1deki ~ lpilz ~ mmcoconut ~ narusassneonanything~ red-beet-soup ~ senju-swag ~ variksenpelatinxtcetera ~ zedddddd

im art blocking baaaaad

so have a really quick, really shitty mewtwo doodle




laughs nervously 



my hand slipped


laughs nervously 


interfering-speedwagon: Chris Redfield & 11



idk guys I just really like drawing kenshin even if I don’t do it very well